DIRECTORS 2019-2021


Geoff Harrison

Managing Director

Director since 4/10/06


Vice President

Bruce Harris

Farmer & Grazier

Director since 10/10/95



Brett Bradley

Chief Financial Officer

Director since 19/10/11


Mark Kennedy

Real Estate Agent

Director since 10/10/95


Mark Logan

Stock & Station Agent

Director since 5/10/04


Fiona Horsley


Director since 4/10/06


Angus Lamont

Stud Manager

Director since 15/10/13


Kevin Cross

Managing Director

Director since 10/10/14


Kerri Reberger

Mortgage Lender

Director since 10/10/14


Peter Twomey

Bloodstock Agent

Director since 21/11/19


Scott Oehm

Dealer Principal

Direcotr since 21/11/19


Simon Rosengren

Operating Owner & Director

Director since 21/11/19



All directors serve on a minimum of two sub-committees as listed below.

The President, Vice-President and Treasurer are ex-officio members on all sub-committees.

The Executive is made up of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and sub-committee chairmen.

The sub-committees comprises:

Finance: B Bradley (chair), G Harrison, B Harris, K Reberger, K Cross, S Rosengren, S Oehm,

Bar, catering and programming: B Harris (chair), G Harrison, F Horsley, A Lamont, B Bradley, K Reberger, K Cross

Works and tracks: M Logan (chair), G Harrison, B Harris, B Bradley, A Lamont, K Cross, S Oehm. M Kennedy.

Sponsorship, promotions and membership: K Cross (chair), G Harrison, B Harris, B Bradley,  M Logan, F Horsley, A Lamont, K Reberger, P Twomey, M Kennedy.